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Medication Tips for Diabetes

Understanding and planning to use medication is key in treating diabetes.  Below are some tips to help make the most of your diabetes medications.

Should I be concerned with drug interactions?

Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about any drug interactions... especially if taking more than one prescription.  Let your health team know of any supplements or over-the-counter medications taken.  Always go to the same pharmacist so they can track medications you take.

What questions should I ask about my medications?

Learn about your medications.  When to take it, how often, and how much are questions you should find answers to.

How can I remember to take my medication?

If forgetful, try to incorporate medications with things you do routinely.  Taking medication just after taking a shower or when you brush your teeth are examples.  Memory joggers such as setting a timer can be helpful.

What about side effects?

Ask questions.  If you are experiencing side effects, ask if these are normal and what can be done to minimize them.

Are all over-the-counter medications safe?

Be thorough when purchasing over-the-counter medications.  Talk with your pharmacist.  Explain you have diabetes and ask what, if any, effects an over-the-counter medication could have.

Your pharmacist is a great resource in helping you achieve optimal results with your medications.  Learning about diabetes and diabetes medications are tools to control your blood sugar.

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